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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Has Massachusetts Marching a Trail of Tears 

Massachusetts, where is Elizabeth Warren? She is not working for Massachusetts; she has been barnstorming the country campaigning for her supposed 2020 run for President. Warren has been busy attacking our criminal justice system who put their lives on the line every day protecting America. While speaking on August 3, 2018, at Dillard University, a historically black college in New Orleans, Warren said "The American criminal justice system is racist ... front to back." This comment drew sharp criticism from the law enforcement community nationwide. Comments like this create further division between an already politically charged atmosphere.

In the last two years, we have seen Democrats become increasingly more dangerous. Sen. Warren signed on to Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) open border bill which would open the floodgates to criminals entering our country. Warren called to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). During a rally in Boston Warren said, "The president's deeply immoral actions have made it obvious we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and that works.” This idea is common among the crazed left who believe that enforcing immigration laws violate their rights.

What Has Warren Done for Her Constituents?

What has Warren done for the people of Massachusetts and the U.S.? Sen. Warren has been the primary sponsor of 5 bills enacted since 2013. Only one bill became law, S. 670: Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017. However, Warren has been very active voting Nay on every bill since President Trump won in 2016 including the tax cuts that have given Massachusetts record low unemployment and wage increases. In fact, Sen. Warren wants to raise individual income tax by anywhere from 50% to 90% if the Democrats take control this November. Warren called for millionaires to pay more taxes while she opted to pay the lowest tax rate in Massachusetts. She avoided paying $51,328 in taxes until this year because she is up for re-election and trying to run for President in 2020.

American journalist and Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr questioned Warren’s campaign. “Why did she make the decision to voluntarily pay more only in the year when she is running for re-election? Why hasn’t she ever checked the box previously?" Here was her campaign’s answer: “While Republicans chose to shovel $1.5 trillion in giveaways to giant corporations and billionaires, Sen. Warren decided to make a charitable contribution to the state of Massachusetts. She supported the millionaire’s tax ballot initiative to make this higher tax rate permanent. She believes the wealthiest should pay their fair share in taxes.” So, there was no real answer. It is clear that Warren only cares about her own interests, not about the people’s interest who are paying her salary.

Why You Should Be Concerned

Every American with common sense should be concerned about how the Democrats tried to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s life and career. Elizabeth Warren, the new face of the resistance, was front and center standing next to anti-Israel Linda Sarsour.

Warren charged up a mob of angry left-wing protesters who opposed Kavanaugh stating, “It may be a dark day for the court, but it’s going to be a very bright day for the legal resistance in the country. We progressives have to make these courts — at the Supreme Court level and lower court level our issue.” The radical Democrats and their mob of crazed paid protesters made the confirmation process of now-Justice Kavanaugh an embarrassment for our country.

The radical left used Dr. Ford and Justice Kavanaugh to gain power and help them in the mid-term elections. Warren clearly stated what it was all about, “We have to fight. We have to vote”  This behavior of encouraging mob rule has become the new norm for the radical left. Warren and her party of crazed angry Democrats / Progressives are dangerous to our Republic.

We Are Counting on You Massachusetts

It is up to you Massachusetts! Do you want a Senator who has done nothing for your state? Do you want a Senator who will continue to be the face of resistance? Do you want a Senator who wants to abolish ICE and have open borders? Do you want a Senator who intends to raise your taxes? Do you want a Senator who has never put the people of Massachusetts first? Do you want a Senator who will Not commit to a full 6-year term? Do you want a Senator who obstructs everything President Trump and the Republican’s are trying to accomplish for America? If you answered No even one of these questions, then you should not vote for Warren.

Massachusetts can do much better than Elizabeth Warren! Rep. (R-MA) Geoff Diehl has been working and fighting for you since 2011. Rep. Diehl has a proven track record saving Massachusetts taxpayers billions of dollars. Geoff is a strong supporter of public safety. He has the endorsement of law enforcement agencies statewide including the Boston Police. Rep. Diehl has received the endorsement of ICE. Rep. Diehl has been endorsed by many cities and towns statewide. He also has the endorsement of many businesses throughout the state. Geoff has the endorsement of many state and local officials, too many to list in this article. Visit this website for all Geoff’s accomplishments and endorsements. It is time to send Elizabeth Warren packing Massachusetts! Vote for Geoff Diehl this November 6th and get everyone you know to vote.

John McGeever


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